Crazy Creek LONGBACK

  • 109.90 EUR

Crazy Creek longback is an outdoor chair with an extra high back. The perfect chair for the adventure, the sports hall or the picnic. Provides an opportunity to

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Supplier: Crazy Creek

Longback is the perfect chair for those seeking extra comfort and support. It has a 10 cm higher back and is 4 cm wider than the original, providing that little extra for those who are a bit taller.

Perfect for outdoor activities, picnics, or any place where you want to sit but there is no backrest. With the Crazy Creek Longback, you will have comfortable seating no matter where you are.

With its smart design with handles and 816 grams lightweight, you can take the chair with you wherever you want. Enjoy the view while sitting comfortably!

Be prepared to receive jealous looks from friends and family. Let them see how comfortable and supportive the chair is. Let the Crazy Creek Longback enhance your outdoor experience.

Weight: 816 g
Size: 94 x 44 cm
Seat area: 41 x 44 cm