About us

Aktivus AB is the company that drives and stands behind this shop and the sale of our outdoor chairs. We are passion about outdoor activities and an active life in general. 

We who own and operate the company have a great outdoor interest. We have used the Crazy Creek chairs for over 17 years. We want you ti sit comfortable wherever you are, whatever you do! In between, you should move and have fun! 

It all started selling almost exclusively in Friluftsfrämjandet but now we are visiting trade fairs and have dealers all over the country. Crazy Creek is a US company and it is they who made the product. We have the agency and sell the chairs in the north part of Europe.

Our History

Everything started in 1999 with a entrepreneur who found the chairs and thought they were awesome. Filip, as he was called, started selling the Crazy Creek chairs and started the first little store at home. The sales were mostly made in Friluftsfrämjandet, TVM and among friends. The chairs were already popular and more and more bought a chair. However, still on a small scale. 

In 2011, Jenny (Filip's then girlfriend and current wife) took over the agency for the chairs and started up Aktivus AB together with her friend Emma. That's when it was first possible to buy Crazy Creek chairs via an online store in Sweden. 

 Much has happened since then and today there are a lot more people sitting comfortably in a Crazy Creek chair around our country. But yet there are many who have never tried.

Our passion

We are eger to help more people into an active life. Feel free to focus on outdoor activities. Selling these amazing and smart chairs is one of the things we do. 

We also work with Vandringguiden.se and Utebarn.se. If you have a hiking interest or want to be outdoor more with your child then please visit these sites. 

We want to finish by saying that we hope you will buy a chair and it will give you at least half as much joy and fun adventure as they give us. : 0) 
 If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Emma and Jenny


Vendelsvägen 7
217 63 Malmö
orgnr: 556944-4242


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