Crazy Creek ORIGINAL

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The Crazy Creek outdoor chair is the perfect chair for the adventure, the hike, in the kayak, the canoe, the sports hall or on the picnic. With insulating backr

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Supplier: Crazy Creek

Crazy Creek®'s stol, Original, is a versatile model! It's popular as a camping chair, hunting chair, picnic chair, or beach chair. It works well in any situation where you want to sit on the ground and still be comfortable. It can also be used on benches where there's no insulation or back support. The chair is durable and you will use it on many occasions for many years. It's a really good outdoor chair that fits most people. We promise jealous looks from your friends!

The chair works just as well on the beach, outdoor concert, or wherever you need a backrest to sit comfortably! It can be folded up to take up less space if you want to pack it or strap it to your backpack. Convenient handles make it easy to carry even if you don't fold it up.

Weight: 745 grams
Length: seat: 41 cm; back: 41 cm
Width: 39 cm

Surely, you have also felt that feeling after a full day in nature, that pleasant tiredness after letting your body work. The campsite is taking shape, and the camping stove is brought out to prepare dinner. Then, you brighten up the evening by sitting comfortably in your Crazy Creek®'s Original, the lightweight chair that lets you sit comfortably wherever you are and whatever you do!