Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 LONGBACK

  • 114.90 EUR

Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Longback is an outdoor chair with a high back. The perfect chair for the adventure that is easy to pack with you.

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Supplier: Crazy Creek

Crazy Creek®'s chair, Hex 2.0 Longback is our lightweight chair with a high back for those who are weight conscious but still want the comfort of a Crazy Creek chair! The chair is a development of Crazy Creek®'s Hex 2.0 Original and is 6cm wider and has a 10cm higher back for those who want to sit a little more comfortably or for those who are taller. It can provide better seating comfort especially for those who are a bit taller.

The chair keeps you both warm and dry when you're out sitting. When you're done sitting, you can pack it up and it becomes only about 52 cm long and 10 cm in diameter when rolled up.

We promise jealous looks from your friends!

The chair is made of durable ripstop nylon. On the outside facing the ground, there is a 210D ripstop nylon fabric, and on the seating surface, there is a 70D ripstop nylon fabric. The insulation consists of closed-cell foam (EVA), which is a lightweight and flexible material, water-resistant, non-toxic, and recyclable. The chair is stabilized by 4 carbon fiber ribs that are sewn into the chair.

Weight: 697 g
Back length: 52 cm
Seat length: 43 cm
Total length: 95 cm
Width: 44 cm
Material: Ripstop nylon, closed-cell foam (EVA), carbon fiber.