Have you noticed how difficult it really is to find comfortable sitting positions when you are out in the woods or at the picnic? Then we have the product for you! 

The Crazy Creek chair has many uses. It is used by outdoor people, beach visitors, sports supporters and many more. We have several varieties and colors, all to offer a product that suits your needs. 

The Crazy Creek chairs are made to carry. You can easily fold it and bring it to the picnic, boat or walk.


All our chairs are made of durable materials that should be used. 

The fabric is water repellent ripstop nylon and inside is a closed cell cellular plastic that does not absorb moisture. The cellular plastic is insulating and keeps you warm around your buttocks and backs. You can easily sit on wet ground and still be warm and dry about the buttocks. Along the sides of the chair there are carbon fiber rods that create stability. 

Crazy Creek leaves lifetime warranty on factory defect on the chairs.


Different models

We have a total of 6 different models of chairs. Of which 3 are in our standard series and 3 in our Hex 2.0 series. 

 Three sizes: 

Original: Equal backrest as a seat area. 
Longbacken: Has a 10 cm higher back and is about 5 cm wider than the original seat.
Powerlounger: Has the same dimensions as Longbacken but with an extra seat flap. 

Hex 2.0 - the lightweight series

All three sizes are also available in our lightweight series Hex 2.0. 

Hex 2.0 is lightweight variants that are made to weigh less and take less space to pack. It is usually the packing volume that is why customers choose Hex 2.0 compared to the standard. The sizes on the chairs are the same as in the standard series, but as the insulating cellular plastic is thinner, it is sometimes somewhat tighter. 

The standard series is made in 420 D Nylon while Hex 2.0 in 210 D. That is, the Nylon fabric is somewhat more durable on the standard series. But both of them are good at wearing wear and tear. 

The cellular plastic in the standard saw is thicker and insulates with that of Hex 2.0. But there is insulating effect in all models.

How to use the charis

Unfold and sit in a Hex 2.0

Here is a short movie about how to unfold and sit comfy in your chair.

Fold Hex 2.0

Here is a short movie about how to fold your Hex 2.0 chair.